Sunday, May 31, 2015

The Franklin Solar Challenge can help you!

Dear Franklin Residents,

Now is the time to go solar!

The Franklin Solar Challenge is in Tier 4 pricing, and only needs a couple more signed contracts to hit the lowest pricing tier, Tier 5!

Franklin Solar Challenge
Franklin Solar Challenge
SolarFlair Energy, the selected installer for the Franklin Solar Challenge, will be holding open houses over the next couple of months, food and soft drinks will be provided, as well as SolarFlair representatives on hand to answer your questions. The Open House dates and times are listed below.

  • Feldman Residence 
  • June 7th 10AM-2PM 
  • 37 Meadowbrook Rd. 
  • Franklin, MA 

  • Patel Residence 
  • June 20th 11AM-3PM 
  • 476 Maple St. 
  • Franklin, MA 

  • D'Attilio Residence 
  • July 12th 11AM-3PM 
  • 55 Gallison St. 
  • Franklin, MA 

  • Prewitt Residence 
  • July 18th 11AM-3PM 
  • 17 Sunset Rd. 
  • Franklin, MA

Although it has been a tough winter, SolarFlair has been installing systems on the homes of the first customers that signed up in the Franklin Solar Challenge. Four residents of Franklin have been so kind and agreed to let other residents come by and check out their solar installation!

This is a great importunity for those of you who have a proposal, to witness first hand the high quality workmanship that SolarFlair provides, and speak to the homeowners about their experience with SolarFlair.

For those who have a signed contract under the Franklin Solar Challenge, you are welcome to come and see what your new system will look like!

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