Thursday, June 4, 2015

FHS Parking Enforcement

Recently you may have noticed the Franklin Police Department has stepped up our enforcement of parking violators in the area of the Franklin High School athletic field, the Horace Mann Middle School and St. Mary Church. 
This advisory is intended to reach as many people as possible so that you will not be one of those who get back to your vehicle to find an orange parking ticket affixed to the windshield. 
The Franklin Police Department asks when you visit Franklin and see there is a "no parking" sign clearly posted that you honor that and continue on to an area specifically designed and/or allowed for parking. 
The issueance of parking violations is one of the "less desirable" duties of police officers, it does however become necessary when there is constant and blatant disregard for parking control. Our wish is always for the voluntary compliance of law, but when that is not the case our only remaining option is for enforcement.
If you have constructive comments and/or suggestions please feel free to call me @ 508-528-1212 ext 2709. Thank you.


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not the 'no parking' sign referred to but a sign from the FHS site
not the 'no parking' sign referred to but a sign from the FHS site

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