Monday, October 26, 2015

Franklin TV: Meet the Candidates '15 - repeats daily at 1:00 PM

Franklin TV has compiled a video of the 2015 Franklin candidates. The video is scheduled for broadcast daily at 1:00 PM beginning Monday, Oct 26.

You can find the full current broadcast schedule here:

Noteworthy: the Franklin Food Pantry had put out a call for help with temporary storage for the anticipated food donations that roll in over the next several weeks. The new Franklin TV studio on 23 Hutchinson St has stepped up to offer its extra space. The space is extra as the new studio was built out last year and is still being set up. So while it is not is use it can be used for the safe storage of the food donations.

Franklin TV studio at 23 Hutchinson St
Franklin TV studio at 23 Hutchinson St

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