Thursday, June 2, 2016

Introducing.... #shopFranklin - Being Small Business

And so a journey begins.....

Welcome and thank you for joining me as I introduce
#shopFranklin - Being Small Business.

#shopFranklin - Being Small Business was created in response to the desire of Franklin's independent business owners to find new and creative ways to collaborate around the common goal of a vibrant and thriving small business community.

Please join me next week to learn more about how we, as a business community, can work together in creative and innovative ways to help Franklin's independently owned businesses succeed. 
These sessions will be very relaxed and will include an overview of #shopFranklin - Being Small Business membership, proposed ideas, calendar of upcoming events, general discussion and casual conversation.  We will be hitting the ground running!

Thank you sincerely for your enthusiasm and trust.     -
Sarah Mabardy

Two information sessions will be held at:
23 Hutchinson Street, Franklin

Tuesday, June 7th 11:00 AM     and        Wednesday, June 8th 7:00 PM
FranklinTV offers water, tea and coffee.  You are welcome to bring any food or drinks  for yourself (or all).  Please RSVP via email to 

A glimpse at how #shopFranklin  - Being Small Business is different from other business groups
  • Business driven, not organization driven.   The mission is to promote Franklin's independently owned business community - not the #shopFranklin group.
  • Focused.  By representing ONLY independently owned businesses in Franklin, the group can present ideas, information and resources  that are timely, relevant and actionable
  • Established community#shopFranklin - Being Small Business has the benefit of an established consumer audience and business community - the existing 1,600+ #shopFranklin Facebook group members -  that has consciously chosen to be a part of the movement to support Independently owned businesses.
  • Choice.  Each member of #shopFranklin - Being Small Business decides how they would like to participate in the organization.  There are no participation requirements or quotas. 
  • Passion and Energy. the #shopFranklin movement was initiated over a year ago out of the sheer desire to help Franklin's independently owned businesses.  That passion and energy has not only sustained, but grown and continues to do so.
  • Action.  Small business owners are often teeming with ideas and responsibilities, but short on time.  #shopFranklin - Being Small Business will facilitate the process of turning ideas into action for the benefit of the business community or, as available, for an individual business with a specific need. 
  • Community over Competition.  Leveraging the collective talents of the business community for the benefit of all local independently owned businesses
and that doesn't even touch on all of the great ideas, events, education sessions, initiatives, group marketing, promotions, consumer'll have to come to the meeting  to learn more!

Copyright © 2016 #shopFranklin - Being Small Business, All rights reserved.
Thank you for your support of #shopFranklin - Being Small Business

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