Sunday, May 29, 2016

Town Council passes FY 2017 budget

The second budget hearing for the FY 2017 fiscal year took place on Thursday, May 26. The perfunctory reading of the budget line items, department, total salary, total expenses was interrupted three times with a request to put an item "on hold".

The 'on hold' items were then discussed in some more detail in a brief conversation between the councilor with the question and the appropriate department head. In the case on Thursday, Police Chief Semarjian and Police Chief McCarragher were questioned about their submittals for the budget.

After the brief discussion, the Council approved with budget by an 8-0-1 vote. Jones abstained from voting as Franklin has a portion of the Tri-County budget as part of the overall town budget and Jones is currently employed there as a teacher. You may recall that he had left the council after he got hired into this position to avoid the 'conflict of interest' as it had not been disclosed while he was running. He left, campaigned again in 2015 and was re-elected.

My notes captured live during the meeting:

concrete sidewalks were filled in where they had been either skipped or left aside earlier in the process
   The budget document can be found here

The video of the meeting can be found here

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