Tuesday, April 4, 2017

In the News: agricultural commission proposed; opioid issues continue

From the Milford Daily News, articles of interest for Franklin:

"Several residents have approached the town about forming an agricultural commission in order to both educate people about farming and help the farms in town. 
Melanie Hamblen, a co-owner of the Franklin Agway store, is one of those leading the effort. She said the group has spoken with town officials and set up a Facebook page. 
“We’ve got a group of awesome people who want to educate the community about the importance of fresh food, and things like what ‘normal farming activities’ means,” she said. “We want to promote the farms we already have, and protect and preserve those farms.”

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Facebook group for proposed Agriculture Commission

Franklin Agriculture Commission looking for your help (Facebook photo)
Franklin Agriculture Commission looking for your help (Facebook photo)

"On Sunday, a 32-year-old woman became the 24th person in Milford to overdose on opioids so far this year. 
She was the second one to die. 
The unidentified woman was unresponsive when her sister found her at 3 in the afternoon. 
A combination of police work, the availability of naloxone, a regional substance abuse program at the Milford Police Department, the Juvenile Advocacy Group and Amy Leone of Community Impact are pushing back hard on an opioid epidemic that is running through Massachusetts communities like a speeding freight train. Even though 80 addicts got help from those programs, some fall back on their dangerous habits."

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