Wednesday, May 3, 2017

FYI - The IRS May Start Calling You about Debt, the key word is 'debt'

Catching up to share this item from MA Consumer Affairs which was posted in April:
"For years, we (along with other consumer protection and law enforcement groups) have told consumers that the IRS will never randomly call you and tell you that you owe money. In fact, there are established guidelines the IRS follows for collection of unpaid taxes and a phone call will never be the first time you’re hearing from them. 
However, a recent change to how the IRS collects unpaid taxes involves these very types of calls and it’s important that consumers be up-to-date on the topic in order to know the difference between a legitimate IRS call and the common IRS scam call."

  • If you do not have any federal tax debt you will not be a part of this program or receive a call from the IRS. Additionally, this program targets those who have tax debt going back several years and have heard from the IRS multiple times. If you are uncertain whether you owe taxes, you can look-up your account by using

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The IRS May Start Calling You about Debt
The IRS May Start Calling You about Debt

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