Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Petition to nip the nip bottles

"Empty "nip" bottles are littered across the Massachusetts landscape. Take a walk along any roadside or sidewalk, and the problem is easy to see. 
In the past, nips were found primarily on airplanes. Today, they are sold at liquor stores virtually everywhere and as a result, nips are one of the most highly littered items in Massachusetts. 
State House Representative Randy Hunt of Sandwich has filed a Bill (House Bill H3528) that would add a 5-cent deposit on the sale of “nips.” The Bill will give consumers an incentive to return empty nip bottles for the 5 cent deposit, rather than toss them onto the streets. 
The Bill defines a nip as “any sealable bottle, can, jar or carton which is primarily composed of glass, metal, plastic or any combination of those materials that has a capacity of not more than 100 milliliters and is produced for the purpose of containing an alcoholic beverage.” 
If you are tired of seeing empty nip bottles littering our landscape, please sign this petition and let Massachusetts legislators know you support this common sense solution.
The petition and additional info can be found online

In my walks around Franklin, I see dozens of nips. Including these on a fence along Washington St.

dozens of nips including these on a fence along Washington St
dozens of nips including these on a fence along Washington St

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