Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Live Reporting: Franklin Music Department Update

The document for presentation and discussion scheduled for the Franklin, MA School Committee meeting May 23, 2017.

The full agenda for the School Committee meeting is found here

Joyce Edwards introduced Dianne Plouffe

will add video of ukulele performance later

52% of students do not get any music education after grade 5
21% nationally participate in music, 48% in Franklin

Keys to Literacy (KTL)

big band came in to work with middle school students, teaching and improvising

will add video of high school performance

"resources of the district being what they are, the students deserve better"

"we need to focus and bring back what we can when we can"

"after school programs can limit participation, that is a an issue" "the idea that studetns will need to make choices between incrediably powerful and important areas"

scholarships are available but transportation is still an issue

5 minute recess

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