Tuesday, July 25, 2017

"a measured track forward to reducing pollution"

From the Milford Daily News, articles of interest for Franklin:

"THE ISSUE: Citing ongoing litigation, the Environmental Protection Agency has delayed new stormwater regulations intended to strengthen clean water protections in Massachusetts. THE IMPACT: The regulations, which are delayed one year, would affect 260 Massachusetts communities. 
Reactions have been mixed following the federal Environmental Protection Agency’s announcement that it’s delaying a controversial permitting system intended to protect rivers and ponds by better controlling stormwater runoff. 
The Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems permit, or MS4, would require 260 Massachusetts cities and towns to develop new stormwater management programs to satisfy the requirements of the federal Clean Water Act. Under the updated permit requirements, municipal governments would need to implement control measures to detect and eliminate illicit sewer connections to existing stormwater drains, conduct education and outreach programs, and manage runoff from construction sites and new developments."

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Franklin has been working closely with the EPA to prepare for the regulation and samples from the archives show this

Recognition of Franklin's efforts in Aug 2016

Garden Club in 2015 held meeting on rain gardens

rain garden doing what it is supposed to, catch the rain and let the ground soak it in
rain garden doing what it is supposed to, catch the rain and let the ground soak it in

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