Wednesday, October 25, 2017

In the News: recreational pot myths and facts; Halloween safety; "No Shame" rally

From the Milford Daily News, articles of interest for Franklin:

"With recreational marijuana now legal across the state of Massachusetts, residents and police departments alike have struggled to understand the full scope of the new legislation. While Question 4 originally provided a clear outline of what would be implemented should it pass, state legislators had the opportunity to make any alterations to the law they deemed necessary. As a result, the limits of the new legal pot law have become blurred, causing confusion throughout the state. 
Myth: Consuming marijuana in public is still illegal. 
Fact: Cities and towns must pass a bylaw prohibiting public use of marijuana."

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"With Halloween just a week away, motorists should start keeping an eye out for little ghosts and ghouls during evening commutes. 
An alert from AAA Northeast Tuesday offered a few tips and warnings for both drivers and trick-or-treaters. 
Watch for children in or near the street, especially between 4 p.m. and midnight on Halloween itself. Be aware that children may wear dark clothing and dart into the road, sometimes between cars or outside crosswalks. Try to avoid heavily residential neighborhoods. 
Drive sober and slowly, the advisory cautioned. AAA research showed a pedestrian is twice as likely to be killed when hit by a car traveling 35 miles per hour, compared to 25 miles per hour, and that a third of motor vehicle deaths are caused by drivers who have been drinking."

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"If all goes according to plan, the small lawn outside of the Trinity Episcopal Church will be filled with #2069 signs on Saturday morning. 
The Wrentham church founded the opioid awareness signs that display the number of fatalities in 2016 due to overdoses, and at 10 a.m., they’ll be holding a rally, “No Shame, Erasing the Stigma,” and encouraging attendees to pluck their #2069 signs from their own lawns and temporarily plant them in theirs. 
“We’ll find a place for every sign, if we have to ring the gardens at the church with them if we have to,” laughed Deacon Ron Tibbetts at Trinity."

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#2069 No Shame Rally - Wrentham Common -  Oct 28
#2069 No Shame Rally - Wrentham Common -  Oct 28

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