Monday, November 6, 2017

"The Doubtful Guest" - LubDub Theatre Co - Nov 8

"The Doubtful Guest" - LubDub Theatre Co - Nov 8
"The Doubtful Guest" - Nov 8
"An intimate audience of guests gathers for cocktails. A door opens. Guests are invited into a shifting world of immersive theatre in which sleight-of-hand magic, dance, and ritual move the audience closer to the performers, to one another, and to the other side. The performance draws inspiration from sources including the tradition of American spiritualism, the performers' personal histories, and the question What does it mean to be a host? Devised by the company.

Debuted in February 2015 in Hell's Kitchen, followed by a sold-out run in collaboration with Guild Greene Gallery in October - November 2017. Expanded during a residency at The Orchard Project in the Summer of 2017. A new production arrives in New York City, Winter 2017-18."

This project is brought to life, in part, by the generous support of The Orchard Project and The Franklin School for the Performing Arts.

One performance scheduled for Wednesday, Nov 8 at 7:30 PM at THE BLACK BOX

LubDub is an NYC-based hybrid physical theatre company animating stories of science, magic, and myth.

Tickets available at THE BLACK BOX

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