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Franklin Candidate for Town Council: Matt Kelly

Matt Kelly (MK) and I (FM) conducted this interview via an email exchange as our calendars could not align.

FM: Tell me a bit about yourself, your family, and your life here in Franklin? What is your Franklin story?

(MK): My name is Matt Kelly and I am asking for your support as one of your Franklin Town Councilors. I relocated to Franklin in 1993 with my parents and brother where I attended Franklin High School and married my high school sweetheart Lesley Douglas. My wife Lesley and I never thought twice about where to raise our family, Lesley is a 4th generation Franklin resident and I am a Franklin Real Estate agent who owns a small business here in town. We live at the family homestead on Crescent St with our 2 daughters Madison and Abigail.

I have been a member of the Franklin School Committee, on the Long Range Financial Planning Committee and Master Plan Committee as well as a Franklin Rotarian. I feel privileged to live in and give back to a community that offers so much to their citizens.

FM: What do you see as your role’s biggest challenge and do you have any suggestions on how we can resolve it?

(MK): I will have many decisions to make along with my fellow councilors when elected; however none will be more important than insuring that you, the community is kept safe, our children are well educated, and our seniors are able to stay in their homes during these economic times. My time on Town Council, volunteering with the Franklin Rotary Club, Downtown Partnership and the relationships I have made over the past 10 years on Town Committees has allowed me to prepare for these challenging years ahead. I have spoken with other town’s managers who have faced tough times before and have worked with leaders in our community to formulate plans for the challenges that may lie ahead in the future.

FM: The Franklin Cultural Council submitted this question for Town Council candidates:
"As you know, Franklin has applied to the state for an official Cultural District designation in town. What do you feel is the role of arts and culture in Franklin, and what is your plan to advance that agenda?

(MK): Arts and Cultural play a vital role in our community. As a member of the Town Council I have continuously advocated for a cultural district and speak to many citizens regarding a potential cultural and arts building located close to Main St.
As a Town Council, we must continue to keep an open mind about what we can do to encourage Arts and Culture in Franklin and work quickly when opportunities are brought before us. 

Franklin offers an amazing opportunity with some of the businesses in our community to attract exceptional talent and artists to our community. We (the Town Council) need to continue to support and push to make Franklin a location for all people to visit, live, and work within our great community.

For additional info you can check out Matt's campaign Facebook page

From the archives

2015 Town Council - Matt Kelly

Noteworthy: This information is intended to help the Franklin voters when we all head to the ballot box on November 7. The interview candidates have had an opportunity to review the text before publishing to ensure the accuracy of our discussion. 

Offer to Candidates 2017 

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