Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Live reporting: DPW presentation

H. Presentations/Discussions
2. Sewer/Recycling - Brutus Cantoreggi

Robert (Brutus) Cantoreggi
Chris White Solid Waste Coordinator
Scott Haynes, Arcadas Engineering

upgrades to toilets can get a rebate from the Town webpage (link to be added later)

inspected about 123 miles of the pipe system

Franklin has 64% of the Charles River Pollution Control District
annual operating cost $2.14 M
Capital assessment $1.54 M

sewer lift station - all gravity feed in sewer system so there are some pumps around town to raise the flow to the proper level to

would need to take another look at a new pipe, would it go along the same route or another way
would need to explore all option, pros/cons

The Beaver St Connector is 120 years old and still working, a valuable asset

current pipe from the old sewer bed runs along Mine Brook

Town of Plymouth issue with their pipe costing $40M (so far) and the expense to be borne by about 4200 residents

Town has been successful in putting large sites to store (temporarily) the sewerage on site and then pump into the system in the off hours

18 in and 24 in at the end, 1100 feet long,
really becomes a capacity issue

more likely 5-6 years would need to be dealt with
Pump 3 etc is water issue and also an expensive option

Trash/Solid Waste

reduced 2000 tons of trash by implementing the single stream system
in 2007, it was $300/yr, now it is $204

the carts are owned by the Town, $800,000 was the initial purchase
$200,000 helped to pay for it

recycling cost is indexed on how clean the recycling is

the recycling center is a service to the community, there are cameras to catch the violators
more people are using the recycling center
we are the cheapest pass for the recycling center and you can get the most service

we have a great curbside program as well as a great recycling center

people are paying attention to recycling (with only 8% contamination)

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