Thursday, December 7, 2017

Please provide your feedback on the Franklin (MA) Election Survey - 2017

With the election still a recent event, let's conduct a survey for the voters and residents of Franklin, MA to seek feedback on the recent Biennial Election. The voter 17% turnout was less than average. The information gathered here will hopefully be useful in improving the turnout for future elections.

The survey is meant gather the information anonymously. However, if you would be willing to provide more in depth responses, there  is an option to leave your contact information at the end of the survey.

This survey is being conducted by Steve Sherlock, Community Information Director (volunteer) for Franklin Matters. The information gathered by the survey will be shared and used as applicable to guide future informational sharing efforts. 

This is one in a series to help foster discussion on what Franklin should be like in 2028 and what we can do now to prepare.  #Franklin2028

To share the survey with your family, friends, and neighbors you can send the link to this post or use this easy to remember link:

Franklin Election Survey - 2017
Franklin Election Survey - 2017

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