Wednesday, December 6, 2017

In the News: new generation for Town Council; trees cut down on Maple St; Snappy Dogs fund raising

From the Milford Daily News, articles of interest for Franklin:
"Town government has a reputation for being filled with older residents and homeowners that have been in town for decades. The most recent town election changed that by introducing a new generation to Town Council. 
For the first time, two millennials sit in the Council Chambers to weigh in on the future of the town they grew up in. Patrick Casey, 28, and a digital account services coordinator at International Data Group, and Eamon McCarthy Earls, 23, editor at TechTarget, were sworn in after winning the November election. 
Casey and Earls agreed that the millennial generation has a number of negative stereotypes, but believe many of them are misplaced. 
“It’s important to keep all perspectives in play,” said Casey. “But it’s nice to have this breath of fresh air from myself and Eamon to have a new look at things.”

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"Residents are angry about dozens of trees that have been cut down in a new development in the Maple Street area. And it’s likely more will come down in the future. 
Two large pieces of property equaling about 80 acres are being developed in that area. The owners of the property are working to create residential space on both sides of Maple Street. 
In late November, workers on the property that abuts Franklin Springs Road and Maple Street legally cut down the trees to make way for a new cul-de-sac and multiple houses."

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"The owners of Snappy Dogs hope to bring their popular hot dog stand back home.
To make it possible, owners Teresa Boyce and Lisa Volpe Hachey launched an online campaign to raise $10,000 to build a second trailer, to be called “Snappy 2.” The new trailer will be parked at CVS pharmacy, where the business spent its first six seasons before Colella’s Supermarket closed. 
The campaign on is called, Bring Snappy Dogs Home. As of 9 p.m. Tuesday, the business has received $7,185 with 18 days left. The campaign ends on Christmas day and is only funded if the full amount is raised."

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The Kickstarter link can be found here

More about Snappy Dogs can be found on their webpage

the original trailer for Snappy Dogs (photo via Snappy Dogs webpage)
the original trailer for Snappy Dogs (photo via Snappy Dogs webpage)

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