Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Franklin Federated Church: stained glass window repair underway

One of the two large stained glass windows at Franklin Federated Church, along with 16 smaller windows that surround it, will be removed this week to undergo restoration.

The window restoration is part of a $500,000 ongoing Restoration Campaign at the historic church. The window repair will cost $43,000 and is expected to take 6 months to complete.

Kit Sherwood of Willet-Hauser Stained Glass in Minnesota will remove the windows, box them, and ship them to Willet-Hauser’s studio for restoration and repair. The window area, which faces the parking lot next to the church at 171 Main Street, will be temporarily covered with a layer of white plywood. Work will begin on the morning of Monday, March 5 and continue through Wednesday, March 7.
Franklin Federated Church: stained glass window repair underway
Franklin Federated Church: stained glass window repair underway

The leading that holds the stained glass in place will be replaced, and the individual panes of glass cleaned and repaired as necessary. The window will then be reassembled, and restored to its original location, and a clear acrylic will be installed to protect the window.

The church launched its Restoration Campaign in 2015, securing $500,000 in pledges from members and friends of the church. Other work that has been completed as part of the campaign has included a partial replacement of the church roof, a new heating system, foundation work to address water intrusion, replacement of the windows in the kitchen and dining room, electrical upgrades, and replacement of the exterior walkways, staircases and handicapped ramp.

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