Sunday, May 13, 2018

Charles River Meadowlands Initiative Walk/Cleanup - Apr 28

Several people interested in the Charles River Meadowlands Initiative participated in a walk and cleanup on Saturday from noon to 1:30 in conjunction with Town ‘Earth Day’ cleanup on April 28. 

Tom Betts, site supervisor at the Montage condominium project under construction on Pond Street, kindly gave permission to the group to park and access the adjacent town lands. The Montage project will eventually include a public access component and parking for reaching town and federal land. 

During the Saturday walk, attendees filled two bags with trash, explored existing trails, and assessed federal and state signage on the property borders. 

The Meadowlands Initiative is meeting next week with the town administration and representatives of the Army Corps of Engineers, which is in charge of some 400 acres of land in Franklin, to explore ways to improve public access and improve conservation.

For more about the Charles River Meadowlands Initiative visit their page

L-R Paul Sager, Alan Earls, Juanita Urban
L-R Paul Sager, Alan Earls, Juanita Urban

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