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Register O'Donnell Hosts Computer Seminar for Historical Commissions/Boards

Norfolk County Registry of Deeds

Register O'Donnell Hosts Computer Seminar for Historical Commissions/Boards

Continuing his efforts to promote the easily accessible and valuable information to those who have a strong interest in Norfolk County history, Register of Deeds William P. O'Donnell recently hosted a free informational computer seminar geared for members of historical commissions and boards.

Register O'Donnell noted, "There's no doubt that Norfolk County has a rich and varied history. Our Registry holds more than 6,000,000 land related documents, spanning 225 years back to 1793 when George Washington was President of the United States. Additionally, four presidents of the United States were born in Norfolk County and that is why Norfolk County is known as the County of Presidents."

Those who attended the seminar learned to perform online research via the Registry's website, and access documents such as deeds and other land related materials for historical research. One exercise showed participants how to access a deed from John Adams to John Quincy Adams.

Register O'Donnell stated, "I was delighted to host the computer seminar for those with an interest in Norfolk County's history. The Registry of Deeds records' database is a valuable resource for those who are preforming historical and/or genealogical research. It is easier now more than ever to do research with our recently completed transcription project, which allows people to view documents from the 1793-1900 period in a clear readable text format. This transcription project has insured that the rich history of Norfolk County comes alive for those who are interested. Also, online research can now be done from the convenience and comfort of your home or from the public computers here at the historic Registry of Deeds building that dates back to 1903."

Finally, the Register wanted to remind people that twice each year, in the spring and fall, free computer seminars will be held for the general public. The dates will be published in local newspapers as well as through the registry's social media sites. For further information, please contact Alicia Gardner at 781-461-6104 or at

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The Norfolk County Registry of Deeds is located at 649 High Street, Dedham. The Registry is a resource for homeowners, title examiners, mortgage lenders, municipalities and others with a need for secure, accurate, accessible land record information. All land record research information can be found on the Registry's website at Residents in need of assistance can contact the Registry of Deeds Customer Service Center at (781) 461-6101, or email us at

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