Thursday, August 9, 2018

Attention: Solutions Job Postings

Solutions is the before and after school program operated by the Franklin School Department. There are some key positions open for those interested.

  • Solutions Assistant Site Director Job Posting

  • Solutions Site Assistant Job Posting

  • Solutions Site Director Job Posting


Jennifer Maitland
Associate Director
Solutions Extended Day/Enrichment Program
Franklin Public Schools
(508) 613-1772

Attention: Solutions Job Postings
Attention: Solutions Job Postings

What is the Lifelong Learning Institute?

"The Lifelong Learning Institute is the community education branch of the Franklin Public Schools. Lifelong Learning provides educational experiences for Franklin residents (and those from surrounding towns) from pre-school through retirement and beyond. This all-encompassing mission is accomplished through the efforts of dedicated employees of the Franklin Public Schools, and is supplemented with the talents of a number of our “friends in education” who partner and collaborate with us. The Lifelong Learning Institute is a fully functioning part of the Franklin Public Schools and has been in existence since the fall of 1998. 
Two existing, stand alone programs, Adult Education and Summer School, were tapped to provide the foundation for the Lifelong Learning Institute. Adult Education has grown significantly and is now known as Adult Education and Community Learning. Summer School is now referred to as The Summer Program and enjoys enrollments of 2000 students annually. 
Schools are among the greatest resources a community has to offer its residents. In Franklin, the Lifelong Learning Institute provides opportunities for Town residents (and those from surrounding towns), who may or may not have school-aged children, to access a level of educational support, a sense of belonging and a feeling of ownership, while simultaneously enjoying a quality learning experience."

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