Thursday, August 2, 2018

Franklin Almanac - Episode 7 (video) - from the archives

Re-posting the Franklin Almanac - Episode 7 (video) from the archives in July 2017. Polikseni has moved on to a regular weekend position with a TV station in Vermont.

Franklin Almanac, the compendium of life in Franklin. If you missed the broadcast via cable, you can catch up to Episode 7 via the YouTube link. Polikseni Manxhari hosts segments on
  1. Opening- 00:00- 00:43
  2. Healthy Kids Day- 00:44-05:47
  3. Franklin Beautification Day- 05:48-10:17
  4. HMEA 5K- 10:18-15:17
  5. Franklin Fourth of July Celebration- 15:28-22:40
  6. In Memory of Michael Doherty- 22:42-25:15
  7. Final Thoughts- 25:16- 27:18

For more about the Franklin Downtown Partnership

For more about the HMEA

By way of disclosure, I am a citizen member of the Downtown Partnership and a regular volunteer to help the HMEA conduct the 5K road race.

Rep Jeff Roy and HMEA CEO Mike Moloney pushing their HMEA partners in the 5K road race held on May 21, 2017. I provided the 2 mile splits to the runners and captured this photo on Upper Union St

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