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Remember when - August 4, 2010

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Bill Glynn - sit and chat summary

In his lawn chair, one man was reading near the bandstand on the Town Common. The concerts are scheduled for Weds. Was he waiting for the concert? No, Bill Glynn was waiting for folks to show up for the "Sit and Chat".

They did come. By ones and twos, a total of seven. A mother with her children in Franklin schools who also works as a teacher. A father with children in the school whose wife is a teacher. She was at the boys baseball game, so he came. Two more mothers, coordinators for one of the school PCC organizations. Another mother with two little ones just getting into the school system, curious to understand what their future in the schools might be like. Another mother (also a teacher) brought her son who will be a senior at Franklin High in September (yes, he did want to come along).

Continue reading about the "Sit and Chat" session that Bill, a first year member of the School Committee, held back in 2010.

Remember when - August 4, 2010
Remember when - August 4, 2010

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