Sunday, August 26, 2018

FSPA Academy enters third year

The FSPA Academy at the Franklin School for the Performing Arts is now entering its third year and is continuing to grow as a new method of public schooling in Franklin. The FSPA Academy model combines the flexibility of a virtual education with a motivating classroom, supportive learning coaches, and a creative, expectation-driven school environment. 

For career-bound students of the arts, FSPA Academy accommodates professional opportunities, rehearsal, and performance schedules. The Academy partners with TECCA, a virtual Massachusetts Public School. The curriculum is taught by licensed, certified teachers through a combination of Live Lessons and individual assignments.

Monday through Friday, FSPA Academy provides an academic home from 8:30 AM - 1:30 PM with a 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM additional hour option for middle and high schoolers. Students’ schedules are individually tailored to their academic and elective needs and interests. The model allows for distraction-free learning and the benefit of state testing done on site. 

TECCA offers a challenging curriculum with a variety of courses offered at every level through honors and AP with students earning a MA State Diploma. In addition to the academic courses offered by TECCA, FSPA Academy students study music theory and have the option for tutoring in math. Field trips are scheduled to enhance students’ performing arts and cultural interests.

The Academy is guided by a full-time FSPA Administrator and a team of Learning Coaches seeing to the students’ well-being, and academic and arts needs. Theresea Wickstrom, mother of FSPA Academy rising junior Susauna Wickstrom says, “It is a sigh of relief to have a designated space for my daughter. It promotes the importance of school, getting out of the home and it keeps a routine going. She’s coming to a place that’s safe, not just physically, but emotionally.”

Academy students thrive in an atmosphere of kindness, tolerance, and mutual respect. Students work independently but enjoy an easy camaraderie. They also benefit from the larger student body of FSPA and participate in social activities including student productions and the annual Prom.

There is still time to enroll at FSPA Academy. Call 508-528-8668 or email for more information about this exciting academic alternative.

FSPA Academy enters third year
FSPA Academy enters third year

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