Thursday, January 17, 2019

workshop: "My Senses Don’t Make Sense!" - Feb 7

Lifelong Community Learning has scheduled a February 7 childcare education workshop for caregivers. My Senses Don’t Make Sense! with Donna Shea will cover recognizing and supporting children with sensory integration dysfunction.

Participants will talk about strategies that help. They will also discuss how finding the services of, or talking to a school occupational therapist, can make a world of difference for a child who senses don’t make sense.

Caregivers are invited to participate in what will be an informative and interesting evening in a relaxed setting with colleagues and new friends. The workshop fee is $25.

For more information, go to and click on Lifelong Community Learning - Child Care & Parenting. Or call Lifelong Community Learning at 508-613-1480.
Lifelong Community Learning is a program of the Franklin Public Schools Lifelong Learning Institute, dedicated to providing diverse and enriched education and experiences for all area residents and children – a resource for all ages.

Or go direct to this link:

workshop: My Senses Don’t Make Sense! - Feb 7
workshop: My Senses Don’t Make Sense! - Feb 7

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