Wednesday, February 13, 2019

10th Annual Benjamin Franklin Classical Charter Public School Spelling Bee

Last week the Benjamin Franklin Classical Charter Public School held our 10th Annual Spelling Bee.

The purpose of the National Spelling Bee program is "to help students improve their spelling, increase their vocabularies, learn concepts, and develop correct English usage that will help them all their lives." In offering this opportunity to BFCCPS students, we aim to provide an educational and fun opportunity for students looking for an academic challenge.
Fifty four students participated in the first round of the competition on Tuesday, February 6th.  That round of competition resulted in sixteen students in Grades Four through Eight qualifying for the finals.
10th Annual Spelling Bee
10th Annual Spelling Bee
On Wednesday, February 7th sixteen students in grades four through eight participated in the Spelling Bee finals in front of an audience of 250 students.  After four rounds of competition two finalists emerged: Lily E Grade 8 and Saipragnesh K from Grade Six.  Throughout the competition, BFCCPS students' instruction of both French and Latin benefited the participants in the proper spelling of words such as "galette," "flambeau" and "auf wiedersehen"
Lily E Grade 8 and Saipragnesh K from Grade Six
Lily E Grade 8 and Saipragnesh K from Grade Six

"I was so impressed with the poise, grace, and confidence these young men and women showed. They were focused, patient, and even said thank you after they finished spelling their words. Our champion showed amazing fortitude and perseverance when she waited and took the time she needed to be confident she had spelled the word correctly!" – Executive Director, Heather Zolnowski
Congratulations to Lily E this year's BFCCPS Spelling Bee Champion. Lily has participated in the BFCCPS Spelling Bee since Grade Four and qualified for the finals in Grades Five, Seven and Eight.
Lily and all other school winners in our region will take a written test on March 1. The top 50 students from the written test will then participate in a regional bee in Lynn, MA. Congratulations and best wishes to Lily! 
BFCCPS Spelling Bee Champion
BFCCPS Spelling Bee Champion

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