Saturday, February 16, 2019

ArtWeek registration closes Feb. 22

ArtWeek is a 10-day festival, April 26 - May 5, 2019, featuring unique and unexpected arts and cultural experiences that are participatory, interactive, or offer behind-the-scenes access to artists or the creative process. 

Anyone can host a Franklin ArtWeek event ... and while the venue has to be in Franklin, the hosting organization does not! Successful events are often partnerships between artists and venues, such as a theater or dance performance in a restaurant, or an art workshop in a retail space. 

We are happy to help you find a partner for your ArtWeek event, which is a great way to promote your business to the community! We currently have several venues looking for artists or us if you're interested!


ArtWeek web page

ArtWeek registration closes Feb. 22
ArtWeek registration closes Feb. 22

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