Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Metacomet Land Trust Annual Meeting - Sunday, May 19


To help you through this cold, wet spring we've scheduled an exciting speaker for our land trust annual meeting on Sunday, May 19 at the Nipmuc High School.

Doug Harris will present Let the Landscape Speak and will delve into the characteristics and possible meanings behind the Indigenous Ceremonial Stone Landscape that surrounds us in New England. Often hidden in plain sight in our forests and fields, these enigmatic stone structures can be remnants of a network built by Indigenous Americans for ceremonial and other purposes. 

Doug Harris, Deputy Tribal Historic Preservation Officer for the Narragansett Indian Tribal Historic Preservation Office, has been Tribally certified in the identification of ceremonial stone features for 16 years. Harris will present an illustrated talk showing the various types of Indigenous ceremonial stone features found in the region.

Won't you join us with a preview of our silent auction items at 1 PM with our program starting at 2 PM? A visit to Upton's Chamber will be offered depending on the weather.

Please be sure to join us and invite friends and family as well!

Find more info at https://metacometlandtrust.org/event/metacomet-land-trust-annual-meeting/

If you cannot make it please consider sending your proxy ballot for the annual meeting to me at this address. It can be found in our annual report here


In conservation,

Lisa Mosczynski
Metacomet Land Trust

Metacomet Land Trust Annual Meeting - Sunday, May 19
Metacomet Land Trust Annual Meeting - Sunday, May 19

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