Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Live Reporting: School Committee - May 14, 2019

Present:  Feeley, Linden, Douglas, Scofield, Bergen, Schultz, Zub
Absent:  none

1. Routine Business
a. Review of Agenda
middle school before high school adjustment to agenda

b. Citizen’s Comments
i. In the spirit of open communication, “the School Committee will hear public comment not related to an agenda item at the beginning of each regular School Committee Meeting. The Committee will listen to, but not respond to any comment made. A Committee member may add an agenda item to a future meeting as a result of a citizen comment” – from Policy BEDH

c. FHS Student Representative Comments
junior prom, ap exams
class elections coming up
Empty bowls raised over $13,000
multiple teams all top of the tables in Hockomock League
Senior dinner Thursday night at Lake Pearl
Senior week coming up with graduation on June 7
on behalf of the teachers, thanks to the community for Teacher Appreciation week

seniors will be here for the May 28th meeting

d. Superintendent’s Report
favorable news on budget front, 
Senator Spilka, Senator Rausch, Rep Roy appeared to Town Council
reimbursement to 75%, approx $200K
uses traditional formula used for Charter School funding
new Cherry Sheets are posted with the updated numbers
could add back items to the budget due to these developments
Town Council budget hearings scheduled for 5/22-5/23

Franklin Cultural District celebrated last Friday
students performed and art work was shown

Annie Sullivan - Ms Morrison will be next principal
was asst principal since 2016, part of MASC leadership program

Teacher appreciation week, thanks to the community and PCC's for the outpouring of support - it was uplifting for the staff

2. Guests / Presentations
b. MS School Improvement Plans Update

  • social emotional learning

responsive classroom
World of Difference
"Fill the Well"
"Mental Health Awareness Day" coming up

students learning how to cope individually
still at beginning stages but something we want and need to do

  • engaging and rigorous curriculum

implementation of illustrative math program
Keys to literacy

  • high quality instruction

ADL training
groups from each school attended ADL conference 
looking at how to better utilize the Advisory program

  • effective ongoing two way communication

using online tools as well to engage community

Remington PCC working to build a succession plan, in jeopardy for next year (all four current leaders are 8th grade parents whose students will be going to FHS next year)
ASMS looking for 8th grade volunteers
Horace Mann also looking for volunteers

being an active listener is a good way to get feedback, in addition to old fashioned conversations and newer tools like Google Form for surveys

a. FHS School Improvement Plan Update

essence is about developing connections
year 2 of advisory program, very proud of this accomplishment
looking to make connections with at risk students
mental health and SEL work integrates into many other items
World of Difference off to a good start
this is head and shoulders above the others in terms of positive response

two of our favorite roles are (1) being a megaphone to spread a good idea and (2) to be a cheerleader

stress of building a resume on some of the students, how are we addressing that?
a topic of the PCC meeting last night raised by a parent, mixed messages from outside parties (some colleges, etc.)

Objective 2 - meeting needs of students
continued discussions on grading, pilot with a dozen, then year 2 expanded to another 45; year three moving to a practice and away from pilot

two-way communication, listening is even more important

Objective 3 - shared vision and beliefs

working hard to ensure a cohesion around the mission/vision
HS student, teachers, parents, not shy about providing feedback

subcommittee working on discipline in the building
collaborative culture; ramping up around discipline now
how to be consistent

Objective 4 - two way communication
SGA brought breathalyzers and parking lot chnages
Senior Citizens have been regular participants and valued for what they bring

senior projects coming up, over 100 participating
other event or recognition around other signings, military, education, etc.

cell phones - looking to do more work on where and when it is appropriate
great trend in getting numbers down on substance abuse

state seal of biliteracy
more work underway, more updates coming in the fall

The documents released for this meeting can be found online:

(Note: Not all the documents are released before the meeting. Some are posted after the meeting (Weds AM))

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