Saturday, May 18, 2019

New England Artist Series: Booty Vortex plays at THE BLACK BOX - May 18

THE BLACK BOX New England Artist Series presents Booty Vortex

In Boston, MA during the year 2005, 12 funky musicians banded together and dared to play the groovy tunes from the 70’s. These timeless disco, funk songs will have you shakin' what yo' mama gave ya! And the heat these players/singers bring is guaranteed to knock you off your feet! 

If there's a hole in your life, if your dancing shoes are staring at you woefully from the back of the closet, or if you just love to dance! Then you need to spend some time in the Vortex. Renew your spirit, get your groove on and experience the power of Booty Vortex!

Tickets available online

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