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Consumer Confidence Report: 2018 (part 1 of 3)

Consumer Confidence Report:  

This report describes Franklin’s drinking water sources and treated water quality for the calendar year 2018, and programs that protect the high quality of our water supply. This publication is mandated by the federal public right-to-know regulation requiring community water suppliers to provide specific treated water quality information annually to their customers. This report includes additional information beyond the minimum federal requirements in order to respond to typical questions our customers ask about Franklin’s water system.

Important Information About Drinking Water

All sources of drinking water (both tap water and bottled water) including rivers, lakes, streams, ponds, reservoirs, springs, and wells, contain some naturally occurring contaminants or substances. Because water is the universal solvent, it dissolves naturally occurring minerals and, in some cases, radioactive material, and can pick up substances resulting from the presence of animal and human activity.

Drinking water, including bottled water, may reasonably be expected to contain at least small amounts of some contaminants. The presence of contaminants does not necessarily indicate that water poses a health risk. More information about contaminants and potential health effects can be obtained by calling the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Safe Drinking Water Hotline (800-426-4791).

Removing all contaminants would be extremely expensive and in nearly all cases would not provide greater protection of health.  To ensure that your water is safe to drink, the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) and the EPA regulates the allowable amount of certain contaminants in the water provided by public water systems. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health regulations establish limits for contaminants in bottled water that must provide the same protection for public health. This report provides you with information about the contaminants found naturally in your drinking water, the levels at which they are found, and the likely source of each contaminant.

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Franklin’s Drinking Water Treatment Process
Franklin’s Drinking Water Treatment Process

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