Thursday, August 29, 2019

Public Health Advisory - August 28, 2019


In response to the elevated risk of mosquito-borne illness this year, the Franklin Board of Health is requesting all home owners conduct a brief survey of their property to identify sources of standing water. Mosquitoes lay their eggs in stagnant/standing water found in clogged gutters, birdbaths, unmaintained swimming pools and swimming pool covers, tires, buckets and other containers as small as a bottle cap. Homeowners can significantly impact mosquito populations and better protect their families from mosquito-borne illness by eliminating these breeding sites on their property.

Unmaintained swimming pools must be drained, chlorinated or tightly covered to prevent mosquitoes from breeding in the standing water. Alternatively, homeowners may apply BTI mosquito dunks/pellets; a safe, natural occurring soil bacteria in pellet/donut form to standing water to effectively kill mosquito larvae for up to 30 days. Property owners are also urged to drain and wipe clean bird baths at least twice per week. Children’s wading pools should be emptied and turned over after each use.

Homeowners should also carefully inspect all window and door screens for damage, and repair or replace screens as necessary to prevent mosquitoes from entering their homes.

Ultimately, the most effective preventative measures are to avoid being outdoors during peak mosquito biting times if possible. Diligently apply a bug repellent containing 25-30% DEET and wear long sleeved shirts and long pants when outside.

The current threat is expected to remain elevated until the first hard frost of the season, which typically occurs in mid to late October.

If residents have questions or concerns you may contact the Franklin Health Department @508-520- 4905 during normal business hours, or email at any time.

David E. McKearney, R.S. 
Public Health Director 
Franklin Health Department

Public Health Advisory - August 28, 2019
Public Health Advisory - August 28, 2019

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