Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Live reporting: Discussion / Action Items

returned from executive session to open meeting at 7:23 PM

motion to approve cafeteria worker contract agreement, seconded, passed 7-0 via roll call

3. Discussion / Action Items
a. Strategy for District Improvement – Annual Goals 2019-2020


cultural proficiency transcends the overall objectives for emphasis 

overall objectives remain the same but the individual strategic initiatives are different and refined for this school year

portrait of a graduate coming together with artistic development of materials for approval later this year

implementation of new homework guidelines to bring consistency across the district

identify a model, assess where they are, develop a plan to expand approaches to meet the model over time

"Seal of Biliteracy"

"it seems like a lot"
it is comprehensive, it does filter down into the district in different ways
did spend time on how to be deliberate about how and where this would be done

I recommend approval of the District Improvement Goals for 2019-2020 as discussed.

motion to approve, second, passed 7-0

4. Discussion Only Items
a. Draft Presentation Schedule for School Committee Meetings 2019-2020
calendar of meeting dates with presentations distributed among the sessions
recap pf FHS trip to Europe in October
ECDC revision of their report card, here for review before implementation possible in Jan/Feb

5. Information Matters
a. School Committee Sub-Committee Report

Budget - need to set meeting, develop 5 year plan

Community Relations
farmers market last week
at Harvest Festival, need to develop schedule of coffees
explore FHS gear at Festival

Policy - did meet, more policies coming

Public Schools Advocacy - conf for MASC coming up 
Joint PCC - no schedule just yet

Substance Abuse Task Force - Oct 1 first meeting

School Wellness Advisory Council [SWAC] - Sep 24 first meeting

6. New Business
a. To discuss any future agenda items
middle school and FHS school improvement plans presentations

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