Monday, December 23, 2019

Holiday greeting from the Franklin Food Pantry

Holiday Greetings 
There is so much for us to be thankful for and celebrate this holiday season. That said, I wish that I was writing this letter to say that because of these successes, we no longer have to be here to serve our community. But, food insecurity does not go away even during the happiest times of the year. The holidays can be even harder for those thinking about where their next meal is going to come from. Through the support of our community, we are able to provide food and other items to our friends and neighbors in Franklin and help ease the stress of the holidays. 
We have been very busy here at the Pantry. While so many people are out doing their holiday shopping, we are making sure that our friends and neighbors have food on their tables. We could not do that without YOU. Through the generosity of our community, we were able to provide 440 meal packages for the Thanksgiving and winter holidays. There were numerous drives that were held to stock our shelves and provide daily necessities like toothpaste, shampoo, and other items. 
In addition, some of the younger members of our community also showed their support by being Food Elves - middle and high school students who create awareness about, and raise money for, the Pantry every year during the first 12 days of December. The Food Elves reached their goal of raising $28,000 for the Pantry so that our neighbors can have access to fresh fruits, vegetables, and food throughout the year. If you missed your Food Elf, or were not visited by one, you can still support this effort by going here. 
In 2020, let's continue to work together to support one another and help to alleviate food insecurity. Whether you live, work, or do business in Franklin, our community is a better place because of you.

Thank you,
Lynn Calling
Executive Director
Franklin Food Pantry

Holiday Meal Distribution

On Thursday December 19, our Pantry volunteers distributed over 200 holiday meals to our neighbors. The meal packages included a ham, fixings, some special chocolates and a blanket.

Thank you to all our volunteers and thank you to the Interfaith Council, MetroWest Provisions, customers of MetroWest Provisions, Chris Feeley and family, Sue Kilcoyne and all those that participated in her holiday event to benefit the Pantry, and our holiday greeting card creators for their generous donations to help make everyone's holiday brighter.

You can contribute to the Franklin Food Pantry securely online

Disclosure: as a former Food Pantry board member, this organization remains a top priority for my charitable contributions.

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