Saturday, May 2, 2020

Gov Baker's executive order has extended Franklin's BoH facial covering mandate

From the Milford Daily News, articles of interest for Franklin:
"Gov. Charlie Baker signed an executive order on Friday requiring members of the public to wear a face covering while in public when people cannot physical distance from others.

The order goes into place on Wednesday, May 6 and does not apply to children under the age of 2.

The requirement applies to all workers and customers of businesses and other organizations that are open to the public.

Gov. Baker said face coverings are an easy, critically important and essential step to stop or slow the spread of the coronavirus.

“The public is required to wear a face covering at all times in grocery stores, retail stores or on public transportation,” Baker said."

If you were watching the live update on Friday, you'll recall that the feed was lost during the broadcast.  There apparently is no video replay available at this time. The archive of prior updates for replay can be found

The Press Release

The Tweet

The Executive Order


  1. when did we suspend habeus corpus Steve? I am not obligated to comply. I will not comply.

  2. Under other circumstances, I'd likely give you a pass because you are confused about the issue. However, where health is concerned, and especially in this pandemic, your health is directly related to the health of those around you and you get no pass. Your non-compliance actions jeopardize their lives.

  3. Steve - its not about a mask - its about overreaching. The govt doesn't get to rescind our rights in this country on a whim. I respect you don't want to intentionally hurt anyone and neither do I but enough is enough.

    I own a mask - and would consider wearing in the greater good - but not if the govt tries to tell me I must do it. They have no right.

    Also, we've jumped the shark with our response - the average age of death in Mass is 82 (per WCVB Corona updates from Baker) - we destroyed the economy for what? how many of these folks would have died anyway? At risk people should stay home and the rest of us should get back to living.

    If flattening the curve was actually the goal, we reached it - 44% hospital occupancy vs. ~70% average daily occupancy in Mass:

    Wednesday, April 22nd update: 56% unoccupied (44% unoccupied)

    Historical hospital occupancy rate:

    Coronavirus is a problem - but our response has been unreasonable

  4. Overreacting? Hardly, our Governor has crafted a careful and prudent response. Unfortunately, time will really tell who is right, and at this point, I believe we are on the right track.

    We likely won't resolve this commenting back and forth. I'll try to write up the summary as others are also raising these questions elsewhere. It would be beneficial to lay it out. I fear you are missing some key points and hoping for a miracle. I too hope for one, but it is not likely any time soon. Be safe, be social (at a distance!)