Sunday, May 24, 2020

Senator Spilka: Memorial Day Message

Happy Memorial Day

As this holiday weekend approaches, I am more grateful than ever for all Americans who have served our country—especially those who have made the ultimate sacrifice to preserve the bonds of community we hold so dear.

Memorial Day is an opportunity to reflect, to remember, and to say thank you. We commemorate the legacy that our fallen heroines and heroes have left behind, and also offer our condolences to our Gold Star families.

The freedoms established and preserved by those who died for us come with responsibilities. We must live our lives, and be in community with one another, in a way so that those who died did not do so in vain. It is the best way we can honor their legacy.

Wishing you all safety and health this holiday weekend.

Warm regards,

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Senator Spilka: Memorial Day
Senator Spilka: Memorial Day

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