Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Staiti Qualifies for Ballot for Norfolk County Commissioner

Atty. Richard R Staiti of Canton has officially qualified for the Democratic Primary race for Norfolk County Commissioner to be held September 1.

Despite the challenges presented by the novel coronavirus, Staiti and his supporters gathered over 1000 signatures (over twice the reduced requirement of 500) to qualify for the Democratic ballot.

A lifelong resident of Canton, Atty. Staiti currently serves as the Town Moderator. Prior to serving as Moderator, Staiti served nine years as a member of the Board of Selectmen (newly renamed the Select Board), being elected Chairman three times. Staiti represents Canton on the Norfolk County Advisory Board which oversees all county finances and spending. He is the longest serving member of the board and has been elected Chairman of this financial board three times.
Atty. Richard R Staiti
Atty. Richard R Staiti

“The role of County Commissioner is to oversee the operation and expenditures of various county operations including but not limited to the maintenance of the Court system, the Norfolk County Agricultural School, the President's Golf Course, county roads and layouts, engineering and other agencies under their supervision."

“As an attorney and with my education and experience as a selectmen, town moderator and long time member of the county advisory board, I feel this skillset will enable me to deal effectively and professionally with the many issues confronting county government in the decade ahead", Staiti said.

Staiti added that his many years of service in education and first hand knowledge as a classroom teacher as well as Director of Science and Technology at Canton High School will be invaluable in providing leadership to maintain and improve upon the programs of study at the Norfolk County Agricultural school. The County School is the jewel of the county. "We need to improve and maintain high standards for the students, staff and parents."

"The pandemic has changed our life and forced us to rethink things the way they are at present. With the economic issues caused by the pandemic, and as revenues dwindle we need to investigate and explore new ways of producing revenue without increasing taxes."

Staiti is a proponent for clean energy. “We need to expand the use of clean renewable energy in the county to preserve our environment and increase sources of revenue to the county operation. As an attorney I permitted one of the largest solar fields east of the Mississippi. The revenue from that project will provide a steady stream of income over a 20 year period. In addition the town (Canton) derives energy credits on the utility bill. Clean and reusable energy is something that we need to act upon now, not in five years."

"We should also collaborate and expand regional services to help local cities and towns especially in light of the impending fiscal crisis. With the help of the county and local chiefs, a grant was obtained to establish a regional dispatch operation that serves several towns in the county." Staiti worked closely with the fire chiefs and director to make this regional service a reality. "As smaller communities struggle with budget shortfalls, the county can play a larger role in managing and providing regional services."

"Like any municipal entity, the county should have a well planned, long term capital program to repair and maintain our courts and buildings. We need to set aside funds in a stabilization account that should be used only for capital improvements."

The son of working class parents, Staiti has been endorsed by unions such as New England Regional Council of Carpenters Local 346. He has been an avid participant in and supporter of numerous Massachusetts Nursing Association (MNA) vigils, canvassing and other related social justice actions.

The father of five children, Staiti is also a member of the Board of Directors on the Canton Association of Business and Industry, (CABI) as well as Trustee of the Salah Foundation.

“Change is needed now at the county and in all phases of government, help make change happen now! I respectfully ask for your vote for Richard Staiti as your new County Commissioner on election day September 1."

For more information about the campaign, please visit : www.votestaiticommissioner.com

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