Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Franklin Public Schools: Half Day - February 9, 2021

February, 9, 2021

Dear Franklin community,

The weather forecast is calling for light snow to begin this morning with heavier snow showers developing in the afternoon making dismissal difficult.

Therefore, we will hold school (both in-person/hybrid and remote) today, Tuesday, February 9, on a half day schedule. Schools will be dismissed as follows:

  • ECDC: 12:15 PM
  • Elementary Schools: 11:45 AM
  • Middle Schools:10:45 AM (10:50 AM at HMMS)
  • High Schools: 10:55 AM

Snow day decisions never please everyone. The rationale for a half day involves preserving in person learning wherever possible, as we know that this face to face time is of great value to our students. Throughout this winter season, we are keeping track of the impact of these decisions on our different cohorts and we will make adjustments, if we are able.

As always on snowy days, parents/guardians may exercise their discretion to keep their child home if they feel it is unsafe.

Stay safe and warm.

Kind regards,
Sara Ahern

Franklin Public Schools: Half Day  - February 9, 2021
Franklin Public Schools: Half Day  - February 9, 2021


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