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Thursday, February 24, 2022

Town of Franklin: DPW Recorded Message with the storm notices for Feb 25, 2022

The audio recorded message from Town of Franklin DPW Director Robert (Brutus) Cantoreggi with the notices on the trash delay, recycling center closure, and parking ban - all in advance of the storm forecasted for Friday, Feb 25, 2022. 

Audio file -> 

Town of Franklin: DPW Recorded Message with the storm notices for Feb 25, 2022
Town of Franklin: DPW Recorded Message with the storm notices for Feb 25, 2022

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Franklin Public Schools: Half Day - February 9, 2021

February, 9, 2021

Dear Franklin community,

The weather forecast is calling for light snow to begin this morning with heavier snow showers developing in the afternoon making dismissal difficult.

Therefore, we will hold school (both in-person/hybrid and remote) today, Tuesday, February 9, on a half day schedule. Schools will be dismissed as follows:

  • ECDC: 12:15 PM
  • Elementary Schools: 11:45 AM
  • Middle Schools:10:45 AM (10:50 AM at HMMS)
  • High Schools: 10:55 AM

Snow day decisions never please everyone. The rationale for a half day involves preserving in person learning wherever possible, as we know that this face to face time is of great value to our students. Throughout this winter season, we are keeping track of the impact of these decisions on our different cohorts and we will make adjustments, if we are able.

As always on snowy days, parents/guardians may exercise their discretion to keep their child home if they feel it is unsafe.

Stay safe and warm.

Kind regards,
Sara Ahern

Franklin Public Schools: Half Day  - February 9, 2021
Franklin Public Schools: Half Day  - February 9, 2021


Thursday, December 17, 2020

Franklin Residents: Winter Storm Update

Winter Storm Update
Hello Franklin,
Please make note of the following alerts and information: 
  • A full parking ban is in effect until noon today
  • No Trash/Recycling Collection today, Thursday, Dec 17th. Trash/Recycling will be delayed by one day for 12/17 and 12/18 pick-ups only.
  • The Municipal Building and all town buildings (Recreation, Museum, Senior Center, Library, and DPW Administration) will remain closed today, Thursday, December 17th. All staff will be working remotely today and are available via email and phone during regular business hours. Please do not hesitate to reach out! 
  • Town offices and buildings will reopen tomorrow, Friday, Dec 18th at 8:00 for normal business hours. 
  • Based on this morning's report from the state MEMA office and Governor Baker's directives, it's in the best interest of the community to stay off the roads and allow our incredible local DPW workers and state highway officials the chance to clear snow from all roads, sidewalks and parking lots. 
  • Visit our website for information and links.
Stay safe! 

Town of Franklin | 355 East Central Street, Franklin, MA 02038
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Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Urgent: Winter Storm Alerts

Winter Storm Alerts

A winter storm is approaching this evening and will be with us until tomorrow. Please make note of the following alerts: 

  • A full parking ban is in effect from 12 pm tonight until noon tomorrow
  • No Trash Collection tomorrow, Thursday, Dec 16th.  Trash will be delayed by one day.
  • The Municipal Building will be closed from 8 am-noon tomorrow.  Employees will be working remotely until noon and are available via email or voicemail.  

Stay safe! 


Urgent: Winter Storm Alerts
Urgent: Winter Storm Alerts

Sunday, December 6, 2020

Town of Franklin, MA: Storm emergency reminder

"Residents should consider downloading the ⁦@nationalgridus⁩ app on their phones where you can report power outages, monitor restoration and much more. ⁦@FranklinMAFire⁩ "

Shared from Twitter:

nationalgrid web page =

@nationalgridus⁩ app
Town of Franklin, MA: Storm emergency reminder

Friday, September 14, 2018

nationalgrid: Storm Season Safety: Are You Prepared?

Storm Season Alert: Important safety information for our customers. As storm season approaches, severe weather could impact our service territory, causing damage and threatening your safety. National Grid is ready, and we want to ensure that you and your family are prepared before the next storm hits.
To view this email as a web page, click here.
Storm Season Alert: Important safety information for our customers.
As storm season approaches, severe weather could impact our service territory, causing damage and threatening your safety. National Grid is ready, and we want to ensure that you and your family are prepared before the next storm hits.
Storm Safety Tips:
  • Never touch downed power lines, and always assume that any fallen lines are live electric wires. If you see one, report it immediately to National Grid or your local emergency response organization.
  • It is a good idea to keep a number of working flashlights, at least one battery-operated radio and an extra supply of batteries in your home. It is also recommended to charge mobile devices prior to the storm so you can stay connected in the event of a power outage.
  • Power problems can sometimes interrupt public water supply systems or disable well pumps, so it's an especially good idea to keep a supply of bottled drinking water handy, as well as some canned food.
Stay Connected:
  • Use your mobile device to track outage information, report outages and storm-related safety tips through National Grid's mobile site accessible at
  • To receive text message alerts and updates from National Grid, text the word STORM to NGRID (64743).
  • Other ways to stay in touch: Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram; we post all the latest storm and restoration updates.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Franklin Residents: Storm Update March 8, 2018


This is the Town of Franklin with an update on current conditions in Town. 

Approximately 50% of Franklin is currently without power. National Grid has crews on site, more are being dispatched today to help in the recovery effort. National Grid is anticipating full restoration within 72-hours.

The Town has opened three locations for warming and device charging: the Hockomock YMCA at Forge Park, which also has showers available, the Franklin Public Library and Franklin Fire Station Headquarters on West Central Street.

Trash and Recycling collection was NOT delayed today and is on schedule for Friday to be picked up on a regular schedule.

Please check the town website at for the most up to date information.

Thank you,

Town of Franklin

Franklin Residents: Storm Update March 8, 2018
Franklin Residents: Storm Update March 8, 2018

Monday, March 13, 2017

Franklin Public Schools - No School Tuesday, March 14, 2017

"Due to snow all Franklin Public Schools will be closed on Tuesday - no activities /all school buildings closed"

flags on the Town Common pegged  out due to the wind
flags on the Town Common pegged  out due to the wind
Note: With Tuesday as a snow day- the new last day is June 21- a half day

MBTA: Commuter Rail notice for pending storm Tuesday, Mar 14

Commuter rail will operate Blue Level service Tues, 3/14/17. Trains shaded in blue on paper schedules will not run and expresses will run local.

Passengers who plan to travel tomorrow are reminded to use caution in parking lots and on platforms. Please allow additional time to travel to local stations and wear plenty of warm clothing as blizzard conditions are expected throughout the day.

Last updated: Mar 13 2017 02:28 PM

Franklin/Dean Station in the snow
Franklin/Dean Station in the snow

For convenience, the Franklin schedule can be found here

And a copy is located here

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Town of Franklin: Post Storm Update


Good Morning. Gary Premo calling with an post storm update. 
National Grid reports appr 1400 customers without power in Franklin. They will continue to work on restoring power throughout the day, and report all should be restored by 9pm tonight. 
  • If you encounter a downed wired, do not approach; call 911. 
  • If you need a hot shower, the YMCA has offered their facility at 45 Forge Hill Road. 
  • If you need to recharge electronic devices, you may do so at Fire HQ, 40 W Central St.

Thank you for listening; stay safe.

This e-mail has been sent to you by TOWN OF FRANKLIN. To maximize their communication with you, you may be receiving this e-mail in addition to a phone call with the same message. 

sunset post storm on Friday, Feb 5
sunset post storm on Friday, Feb 5

Thursday, January 29, 2015

National Grid: Winter Storm Update

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Thanks: Together We Made it Through the Storm
A message to our Massachusetts customers
We are dedicated to providing you with safe and reliable electricity and gas service. That goes for both blue-sky days and during emergency and storm events.
We rely on weather forecasts in our preparations, and keep the safety of our customers and employees our highest priority.
The early forecast for Juno, the blizzard of 2015, was a storm of potential historic proportions. Based on the high winds predicted, and our own storm modeling system, we prepared for widespread electric outages.
And you responded as well. Many of you subscribed to receive our emails and text messages, downloaded our outage app, and followed us on Twitter and Facebook.
The great news is the storm has passed through our territory with very little serious impact to the electric system.
This speaks volumes to the millions of dollars in investments we've made in our infrastructure in recent years, and to the resiliency of our electric system to withstand wind gusts that reached over 60 mph. It also speaks loudly of the actions we all take together — National Grid and our customers — to get through storm events such as these, whatever the outcome.
We'll no doubt experience extreme weather in the future given that it's becoming the new normal. The actions we all take today to prepare for these events will always be critical tomorrow — for the long-term safety and well being of our families, neighbors, businesses, and communities.
We provide several ways for you to stay connected during a storm:
Customers can report outages, view outage maps and more on our Safety and Outage Reporting app. You can download it by searching for National Grid in the iTunes and GooglePlay stores
Join the over 115,000 customers who have already enrolled in broadcast text alerts for major storms. To register, text the word "STORM" to NGRID (64743)
Use your mobile device to track outage information and storm-related safety tips through National Grid's new mobile site accessible at
Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Instagram where we post all the latest storm and restoration updates.
Thank you for trusting us to keep you connected.
National Grid
Here with you. Here for you.
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NG-twitter NG-facebook NG-youtube instagram
Visit us online at
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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Rep Roy: Storm Info for 10th Norfolk District

This is a special edition of our regular monthly newsletter to provide storm related information and contact numbers for residents. If you are not yet a subscriber, you can get on our email list by clicking here.
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Region bracing for storm

With a major blizzard descending upon us, here are some resources to help you navigate potential issues that may arise. Reports indicate that the impending winter storm could be one of the largest blizzards we've seen in a long time. Snowfall amounts  in the area 2-3 feet, along with strong and damaging winds, are expected in our area.

Due to the expected severity of the snowstorm, Governor Baker declared a state of emergency this afternoon for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Further, beginning at midnight tonight (12:00 a.m. Tuesday), a travel ban will be in effect until further notice.

The MBTA will maintain a regular schedule today, but will not operate on Tuesday.

Below you will find the latest news regarding the storm, along with helpful tips, phone numbers, and other resources that exist to assist you during severe weather conditions.

Please be smart and stay safe!

Important telephone numbers

Safety tips

If possible, make sure of the following:
  • download the free Massachusetts Alerts app to your smartphone to receive important weather alerts and messages from MEMA.  Easy instructions are available by clicking here .
  • shovels/snow removal tools are accessible
  • rain gutters are clear for easy drainage
  • smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are operable and have fresh batteries
  • vehicles are fully fueled
  • keep refrigerator and freezer doors shut-food will stay six to nine hours in a refrigerator without spoiling. Frozen foods will keep about 24 hours.
  • items stored in a basement that could be damaged from flooding are protected
  • cell phones are fully charged
  • you are well-stocked on essential food items and water
  • you have cash available (as ATM's may not function with loss of power)
Plan to stay safely indoors throughout the course of the storm, beginning Monday afternoon/evening and through Wednesday morning.

If you use a generator, be sure to operate it outdoors or in a well-ventilated area. While running your generator, make sure you shut off the main power supply to your home.

Online resources

Verizon storm tips

Verizon has listed tips for preparing for the upcoming winter storms.  For a recent Verizon blog post and video that offers valuable tips to make dealing with Old Man Winter and emergencies a little easier, click here.

And for more information about storm preparation for wireless customers, click here.

Be a good neighbor

During dangerous winter storms, the people who are often most at-risk are the elderly and/or disabled.

Please check in on your neighbors, especially if they are elderly and live alone. Spend a few minutes shoveling out a relative or neighbor who is unable to do so themselves, and if the power goes out, be sure to stay in contact with them.

If you or a loved one rely on a respirator or an oxygen tank, be sure to report that to your utility company.

And if you or a loved one depend on daily medications, be sure that you have enough to last the next few days, as pharmacies may be closed and travel will be difficult. 
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Our mailing address is:
State Rep Jeff Roy
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Boston, MA 02133

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Verizon: Important storm-related updates regarding your Verizon FiOS services

Dear Valued Verizon Customer,
This time of year, we maintain a particularly watchful eye for winter storms and the many inconveniences they bring. As the upcoming nor'easter bears down, we want you to know that we're ready. Whether brief or lengthy, a power outage is one of the most common storm-related occurrences. Knowing that, we have already deployed resources to help our customers that could be impacted.
What should I do in the event of a power outage?
Visit from your smartphone, or other wireless device to:
Track current outages
Find answers to equipment repair and backup service questions
Create a "Repair Request" if needed
Do I need to reset anything once power is restored?
Most issues can be resolved by unplugging and plugging your Verizon equipment back in (Set Top Box, Router, etc). If that doesn't resolve your issues, you may need to restart your Optical Network Terminal (ONT) by following these instructions. For additional troubleshooting assistance, download our In-Home Agent application.
Thank you for choosing Verizon. We hope you have an enjoyable and safe winter.
Your Verizon Team
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