Friday, March 19, 2021

MA State News: Cheerleader hotspot with link to Franklin; travel order downgraded, MA cases stalling (not dropping); Franklin's cases increasing

"37 people infected in COVID-19 cluster at Weymouth cheerleading training facility"
"Thirty-seven participants at a youth cheerleading training facility in Weymouth have been infected with the coronavirus, the Weymouth Health Department said Thursday.

The total includes only the participants, not others such as parents or other contacts, because that is still being investigated, the department said.

Of the 37 infected, four are from Weymouth. Others come from Braintree, Rockland, Randolph, Quincy, Brookline, East Bridgewater, Hingham, Kingston, Marion, Franklin, Whitman, Dedham, and Easton, the department said."

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"Massachusetts’ COVID-19 travel order will be downgraded to an advisory on Monday"
"Governor Charlie Baker’s office said the state’s travel order will be downgraded to a less onerous advisory on Monday, the same day Massachusetts moves to Phase 4, Step 1 of its economic reopening.

The announcement came in a statement Thursday."
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"As some states see a COVID surge, Mass. cases stall at an ‘unacceptably high’ level"

"Massachusetts is entering spring on a hopeful note. The state earlier this week released its plan to open vaccination eligibility to all adults on April 19, and a few sunny, warm days have begun to coax residents out of their homes and winter coats.

But beneath the air of optimism lies a problem, epidemiologists caution: COVID-19 cases, after declining sharply in early February, have plateaued at an average of 1,500 per day, and the threat of another surge remains."

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And Franklin's COVID-19 numbers for this week (and the past 3)
  • 3/04/21 = 62 Total positive tests 1.11% Lower
  • 3/11/21 = 77 Total positive tests 1.40% Higher
  • 3/18/21 = 97 Total positive tests 1.80% Higher


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