Friday, June 4, 2021

MA News: (1) Prepare for mosquito and ticks (2) stable housing improves health for low income

"State public health officials on Thursday released a raft of summer safety recommendations for preventing tick and mosquito bites, as well as precautions to take in the water and in cars.

The tips came in a detailed statement from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, or DPH.

Regarding ticks, officials said the “the single most important thing” residents can do is check themselves for the blood-sucking insects once a day."

‘It makes sense’: Stable housing improves health for low-income families, study finds
"Improving housing stability for low-income families in Boston, and assisting them in accessing social services, sharply reduced their health problems, a five-year study has found.

On Tuesday, the Boston Foundation released a report on the impact of Health Starts at Home, an initiative launched in 2015 with two nonprofits, Health Resources in Action and the Urban Institute. Its goal was to establish collaborations between housing services and health care providers to offer comprehensive support to families with children who were struggling to make rent and put food on the table.

“Part of the partnership between health care and housing is you have one person connecting the household to a whole range of services, whereas in the past you would have sent them to a housing specialist, and then someone who specialized in [food assistance] benefits, and then a different person doing a different thing,” said Soni Gupta, senior director of Neighborhoods and Housing for the Boston Foundation, New England’s largest community foundation. “It’s a kind of focus in service provision that we don’t typically fund at this level.”
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