Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Franklin Annual Report - 2020: Charles River Pollution Control District


During Fiscal Year 2020, the Charles River Pollution Control District’s (District) regional advanced wastewater treatment facility received and treated approximately 1,730 million gallons (4.74 million gallons per day) of raw wastewater, including 9.2 million gallons of septage from the District’s member and customer towns before discharge to the Charles River.

As part of the District’s infiltration and inflow program, the District will be inspecting the Mine Brook Interceptor Subsystem. The District will be inspecting 99 manholes, and performing closed-circuit television camera (CCTV) and multi-sensor inspections of 28,400 linear feet of pipe for signs of infiltration and inflow. This work is to be completed during FY 2021.

In late 2015, the District entered into a Power Purchase Agreement to receive net-metering credits from a solar array in Carver, Massachusetts. The array has been online since December 2015 and to-date the District has received over $350,000 in net-metering credits.

The District’s Fiscal Year 2021 budget is 1.9% lower than the previous years’ budget. The District’s FY 2021 budget for operations and maintenance is $3,743,860, while the capital projects budget is $2,217,930. Franklin’s share of the operation and maintenance and capital projects budgets are estimated to be $2,186,750 and $1,286,440, respectively.

more information on the District please check out our website at https://www.charlesriverpcd.org/.

Douglas M. Downing, Chairman (Medway) 
David Formato, Vice Chairman (Franklin) 
Mark Cataldo, Clerk (Franklin)
Michael Callahan (Medway) 
Richard Johnson (Franklin)

CRPCD Officers:
Elizabeth Taglieri, P.E., Executive Director 
John D. Foster, Treasurer
Barbara Maffeo, Executive Secretary 

The full Annual Report for 2020 can be found online

Prior Annual Reports can be found online

Franklin Annual Report - 2020: Charles River Pollution Control District
Franklin Annual Report - 2020: Charles River Pollution Control District

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