Friday, July 9, 2021

Franklin's Event Outlook: July 9 - July 15, 2021

Rain today and the Farmers Market has Canceled. Two concerts this weekend at THE BLACK BOX and a dog event at the Dog Park to consider on this summer weekend. Important Community Conversation on housing and race is scheduled for Wednesday at 7:00 via Zoom.

Friday, July 9
 "Hedgehog Needs a Hug" (story walk)
2:00pm - Farmers Market
3:30pm - Kids craft activity by Library Youth Services (likely at Library instead of Farmers Market)
7:30pm - Radio Daze featuring Paul Souza

Saturday, July 10
 "Hedgehog Needs a Hug" (story walk)
10:00am - Franklin Dog Park event
7:30pm - Confounded Bridge - The Music of Led Zeppelin

Sunday, July 11

Monday, July 12

Tuesday, July 13
9:00am - Pamela Hines – Jazz Journey
12:00pm - Pamela Hines – Jazz Journey
6:00pm - Pamela Hines – Jazz Journey

Wednesday, July 14
10:00am - "The Wonderful World of Wine" – Mark/ Kim
1:00pm - "The Wonderful World of Wine" – Mark/Kim
7:00pm - Community Conversations - Housing and Race
7:00pm - "The Wonderful World of Wine" – Mark/Kim
7:30pm - Let’s Laugh Today is Free on ZOOM!

Thursday, July 15
8:30am - Town Council Office Hours
10:00am - "Frank’s Music" – Frank Falvey
11:00am - "Talkin’ the Blues" – Jim/Todd
1:00pm - "Frank’s Music" – Frank Falvey
2:00pm - "Talkin’ the Blues" – Jim/Todd
7:00pm - 350 Mass Greater Franklin Node
7:00pm - "Frank’s Music" – Frank Falvey
8:00pm "Talkin' the Blues!" - Jim/Todd

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