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Franklin Annual Report - 2020: Building Inspection Department


The Building Inspection Department is a multi-functional office responsible for the construction, demolition, alteration, repair and occupancy of all residential, commercial, business and industrial uses for both existing and new construction in accordance with the Massachusetts Building Code. 

The department is responsible for the administration, interpretation and enforcement of the following codes:
  • Massachusetts State Building Code - 780CMR 
  • Town of Franklin Code - Zoning – CH 185 
  • Mass. Electrical Code – 527 CMR
  • Mass. Plumbing & Gas Code – 248 CMR 
  • National Fuel Gas Code – NFPA 54-2002 
  • Sealer of Weights and Measure – G.L. CH 98 
  • Architectural Access Board – 521 CMR
Hours of Operation
The Building Inspection Department’s hours are Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday 8:00a.m.-4:00p.m., Wednesday 8:00a.m.-6:00p.m. and Friday 8:00a.m.- 1:00p.m.
For your convenience, you may visit our website: at this site contains a series of forms easily accessible and available to download. The website provides permit applications, sample plot plans, sign regulations, swimming pool instruction manuals, shed/barn instruction manuals, zoning criteria and other information necessary to process a permit or to simply provide information to the public.

Building Department Staff
Building Commissioner/Zoning Officer: Lloyd Brown
Inspector of Wires: Bernard Mullaney 
Asst Wiring Inspector: James Loughlin 
Plumbing/Gas Inspector: Richard Cornetta
Asst Plumb/Gas Inspector: Richard McCormick 
Local Building Inspector: Stephen O’Neill 
Sealer of Weights & Measurers: Comm. of Mass. /Div. of Standards

Staff Assistants
Judy Demers
Melissa Kiriacopoulos/Zoning Tyler Paslaski

Lloyd Brown, Commissioner of Buildings, is responsible for all construction trade inspectors, municipal maintenance and supervision of all construction, zoning interpretation and determination, pre-planning and review of all subdivisions and proposed construction and improvements and general input for all other municipal departments and construction-related inquiries.
FY 2020 started off with the promise of moving into online permitting and it didn’t disappoint. In short, our permit module Viewpoint was as smooth a transition as you could ask for. Our ZBA clerk Leeanne Kerwin worked with Chrissy Welton and IT to bring a much anticipated tool to the table. Leeanne moved onto a Job in the Town of Dighton and is sorely missed, as she was an outstanding employee.

Barbara Curran also a long time ZBA clerk for us retired at the beginning of the year. Barbara was as good as they get with over 20 years of service to the town. Melissa Kiriacopoulos was hired in January as ZBA clerk and has excelled as permit clerk as has Tyler Paslaski our latest hire.

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Prior Annual Reports can be found online

Franklin Annual Report - 2020:  Building Inspection Department
Franklin Annual Report - 2020:  Building Inspection Department


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