Wednesday, August 18, 2021


Hey, node members!
We are canceling our 350 Mass Greater Franklin Node meeting this Thursday, August 19, 2021!
350 Mass is joining forces with allies at a 
Rally to #SealTheDeal for Climate, Care, Jobs and Justice!
Congresspeople Seth Moulton and Richard Neal are the only two from the whole Massachusetts delegation to not sign onto the THRIVE Act which would provide $10 Billion over ten years for climate justice and jobs! To push them, we're having BIG RALLIES IN SALEM AND SPRINGFIELD to drive home we want STRONG legislation in the reconciliation infrastructure bill!
So sign up at the RSVP link if you can come to SALEM! 
We want everyone there! Bring a sign!
The rally will be outside the whole time in a PARK, wear a mask,
and keep your distance.
So far, Ralph Halpern and Carolyn Barthel are interested in driving separately to the rally, so contact us if you're vaccinated
and you'd like to potentially carpool.
As the rally is 3:00-6:00 pm, there's not adequate time to return home for a Zoom node meeting, so we're canceling it. 
Our next node meeting will be Thursday, September 2.
We hope to see you there!
Ralph Halpern 339-203-5017 cell, 781-784-3839 home
Carolyn Barthel 508-335-0848 cell, 508-473-3305 home 
Rally to #SealTheDeal for Climate, Care, Jobs and Justice
Rally to #SealTheDeal for Climate, Care, Jobs and Justice


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