Thursday, August 19, 2021

Tropical Storm Henri heads for New England, stay tuned for changes in the forecast

"Keep an eye on this one. The National Hurricane Center says the expected track of Tropical Storm Henri has shifted, meaning it’s more likely it will hit the Northeastern states at the end of the week.

“The forecast track of Henri has shifted toward the northeast coast of the U.S. this weekend and early next week, increasing the risk of direct storm surge, wind, and rain impacts in portions of the northeastern U.S. and Atlantic Canada during that time,” the forecasters said Wednesday , noting that Henri was on the verge of reaching hurricane strength. “Interests in these areas should closely follow the progress of Henri and check for updates to the forecast.”
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Since the Globe article was posted, NWS has further updated a shift more off the coast of New England.  For additional updates from the National Weather Service visit

Tropical Storm Henri heads for New England
Tropical Storm Henri heads for New England

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