Thursday, March 3, 2022

Recap: Board of Health working unsafe building issues, part of State process for vaccine distribution, expanding awareness of health issues (audio)

Quick recap:
  • Meeting opened with one member remote, all other Board of Health and Health Dept personnel in the 3rd floor training room of the Municipal Bldg.
  • Demolition permit pulled for unsafe house at 27 Winter St that day. Continuing to monitor
  • Discussion of unsafe house at 71 North Park, attorney and one side of the two owners for this unique situation present. House hit by lightning and unrepaired as of yet as the owners work through legal issues around the property (housing ownership not divided in 'normal' manner). To be monitored monthly to determine progress towards resolution
  • Nurse has completed registration of Town with State for vaccine distribution, a new clinic for COVID-19 vaccine for youth being scheduled
  • Updated COVID-19 case information on Health Dept page (link below)
  • Expansion of health info via (1) alerts (colorectal cancer most recent one) and (2) a new podcast episode recorded on Wednesday for The Topic; this time on music therapy. Recording should be available soon
My notes were captured via Twitter and summarized in this ThreadReader PDF

FM #742 = This is the Franklin Matters radio show, number 742 in the series. 

This session of the radio show shares the Board of Health meeting held on Wednesday, Mar 2, 2022. The meeting was held in the 3rd floor training room with 1 BoH member remote and at least one public attendee participating remotely virtually via the Zoom conference bridge.

Links to the meeting agenda and my notes are included in the show notes. The recording runs about 32 minutes, so let’s listen to the Board of Health meeting of Mar 2, 2022.


Meeting agenda 

27 Winter St being prepared for demolition
27 Winter St being prepared for demolition

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