Friday, July 8, 2022

Mass Power Forward event: July 11 at 11 AM

Only 10 Days Left for Climate & Environmental Justice!

Monday, July 11, 11AM

We are sounding the alarm! Wake up legislators! 

Find an event near you- we are hosting many across the state!


Join us, Mass Power Forward, in calling on our legislators to wake up and do more for environmental and climate justice! Air Quality! Siting Reform! Housing Justice and Retrofits! 100% Renewable Energy! Just Transition for workers! Indigenous Justice! Here is the full list of bills on a letter we delivered in May. 


Join an Action Near you! Exact Locations to follow. Monday, July 11th at 11AM

  1. Roy: Franklin (Median strip: Main St & E. Central St. (Rt. 140))

We need all of these policies before the end of the session in July- which is just around the corner, 10 days from this action. We must show up so our leaders know that we demand climate action now. The conference committee is deliberating this month and aim to have their mash-up bill out in early July. Now is the time to make noise, together in community.

Mass Power Forward event: July 11 at 11 AM
Mass Power Forward event: July 11 at 11 AM

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