Thursday, February 16, 2023

Crazy Reading Ladies send "love to the Librarians!"

From the "Crazy Reading Ladies"

"For the love of librarians 
For over a decade, our school district has suffered the loss of librarians. Sure, our middle school boasts a big, beautiful library space - we even have a decent budget for books - but there is no librarian to cull the collection, to staff library time, or to help students select the books that will make them fall in love with reading. We know the science, and we know what a tragedy this is. 

We are The Crazy Reading Ladies, after all. We know adolescents, and we know good books. We read YA and middle-grade literature almost exclusively. We're cool! We follow our favorite authors and publishers on Twitter and Instagram. We know how the use the internet. We can talk books all day long; in fact, we love nothing more than spending time with students and matching them to books. We also know that we are not librarians, nor do we have access to the thousands of books and online resources that await public library patrons.  Our students need more than we can give them.  Libraries are the answer. The public library is a wealth of resources - ours offers everything from books, to apps, to clubs, to social opportunities, and safe gathering spaces."
Continue reading about the "love for librarians"  (you can also follow the link for other photos telling the story) -> 

As the budget season gets into gear for the Town of Franklin and Franklin Public Schools, it might be worthwhile to check on what is being done to address the library resources and how it being addressed with the budget dollars.

Ms. Caleigh at BLAST launch 2018
Ms. Caleigh at BLAST launch 2018

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