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What programs / positions were cut the School Budget in prior years? These are likely not coming back!

I recall viewing a more current version of this but haven't been able to locate it at this time. In the meantime, as the preparations for the School Budget Hearing on Tuesday are underway, this is an aspect of the budget information not regularly covered (one of the reasons I can't find a more current version).

From the budget prep for the 2017 school budget workshop comes this gem that summarizes programs cut since FY 2003. 

What? The Schools have been cutting since 2003? Yup, you see the listing here


Summary of Reductions and Efficiencies

FY 2018
● Balance budget using revolving funds
● Depart from SC guidelines as to use of Circuit Breaker funds
○ Use funds in fiscal year rather than bank funds

FY 2017
● Balance budget using revolving funds
● Depart from SC guidelines as to use of Circuit Breaker funds
○ Use funds in fiscal year rather than bank funds

FY 2016
● Reduction of K-5 teachers due to declining enrollment
● Implement online payments of officials in athletic department
● Expand online ticket sales for athletic events
● Balance budget using revolving funds
● Depart from SC guidelines as to use of Circuit Breaker funds
o Use funds in fiscal year rather than bank funds

FY 2015
● Competitive bid pricing for purchase of devices / chrome books and laptops
● Implementation of breakfast program
● Reebok BOKS Program
● Transition to Tufts Insurance - same benefits at lower cost
● Copier/Printer solutions at FHS

FY 2014 Efficiencies
● Collective Bargaining Agreements with all support personnel/Sustainable
Agreements over three years
● Partnership with Hockomock YMCA - successful grants to support Wellness
● Partnerships with Dean College
● Hired Van Pool to take over special education transportation

FY 2013
Collective Bargaining Agreement with FEA - sustainable contract over four years

FY 2012
● Partnership with FHS and Dean College Fine Arts program
● DESE Educator Evaluation grant for professional development and HR audit

FY 2011
● Eliminated contractual services for OT/PT through a third party and hired
● MASBO Transportation audit
● Food Service- Privatized Management / WHITSONS

FY 2010 Reductions
● Eliminate K-12 Librarians 4 positions - no librarians at any school
● Eliminated 1 Assistant Principal HS
● Replaced 4 PE/Health Teacher’s with ELA, Math, Science, Sped Teachers
● Reduced Health /PE classes
● Stimulus Funds Used to supplement other positions
● HS schedule change from 7 period day to 6 period - impact students have fewer Course offerings- narrowed curriculum equates to less competitive academic program at HS
● Eliminated Latin at MS - all students take Spanish (could not find teachers
however it facilitated equitable scheduling across all three schools)

FY 2009 Reductions
● Eliminated 1 Assistant Principal at HS
 Eliminated 1 Administrator /Assistant Special Education Director
● Eliminated 45 Teaching Positions

  • High School 17 positions
  • Middle School 12.5 positions
  • Elementary 15 positions and 4 specialist teachers reduced from Full -time to Part-time

● Reduced Extracurricular Clubs and activities by 1/3
● Increased Pay to Ride Bus Fee
● Increased Building Use Fees to offset administrative costs

FY 2008 Reductions
● Eight Custodians
● One HS Administrative Liaison
● 1.5 Educational Assistants (FHS and Brick School)
● Fourteen Professional Teaching Positions

  • Three Technology Curriculum Integration Teachers
  • Three MS Health/PE Teachers
  • One MS School Adjustment Counselor
  • Seven Elementary Teachers

● 1 Technology Administrator
● 1 Special Education Coordinator
● K-5 Coordinator Stipends (Tech, Science, Spanish)
● Eliminated Core Curriculum Teams
● Reduction of HS substitute teacher budget
● Reduction of Facilities cost / Brick School - grant funded
● Extracurricular Fees Implemented $25/student at HS and MS levels
● Increase HS Athletic Fee to $125
● Increase Pay to Ride Transportation Fee by $25
● NEASC Dues Elementary and Middle Schools – let accreditations lapse
● Reduction in general supply budget at all levels

FY 2007 Reductions
● Three Trades Personnel (Carpenter, Plumber and Electrician) transferred out of
School budget to Town budget
● One Educational Assistant position eliminated
● Supply budgets reduced at schools

FY 2006 Reductions
● Elimination of weekend security for all school facilities
● Elimination of Facilities summer job program for Franklin youth
● Two Central Office positions (Title I Coordinator, Assistant Director of Finance)
● Two Custodial positions eliminated
● Elimination of French language instruction at Middle Schools
● Reduction of Professional Development budget

FY 2005 Reductions
● Reduction in general supplies and maintenance supplies for the schools
● Reduction in Professional Development
● Elimination of a Foreign Language position
● Assumed $100,000 in trash costs from the Town

FY 2004 Reductions
● Twenty-One Teaching Positions eliminated
● Limited public access to schools on weeknights and weekends
● Bus fees increased to older students and those living within 2 miles
● Reduction in Technology budget
● Increased student-athlete fees
● Increased school lunch cost to cover cost of health insurance for Cafeteria
Staff-had been paid for by Town
● Reduction in budget for materials and supplies
● Eliminate budget for purchase of textbooks (2004-Present textbooks purchased through Capital Funds voted by the town or from supply budgets)

FY 03 Reductions
● No additional staff hired – enrollment up 400 students
● Supply and equipment purchases curtailed
● MS guidance program eliminated
● Building Use fees implemented in 2003
● Athletic fees increased
● Pay-to-Ride Transportation initiated
● PCC’s funded more programs, athletics and extracurricular activities
● All Field Trips funded by PCC’s
● Six elementary positions in Health/PE in elementary cut
● Elementary Health eliminated from curriculum
● Elementary PE reduced from twice to once a week
● Six middle school positions eliminated, reducing that program by 1/3
● Two elementary Music positions eliminated
● Elimination of the 4th grade Instrumental Music Program
● One middle school Music position eliminated
● Two elementary Spanish positions eliminated
● Elementary Spanish instruction reduced from twice to once a week
● Two middle school Science specialist positions eliminated
● One 6th grade teaching position cut at Remington, increasing class size
● Five middle school Educational Assistant positions cut
● One HS Special Education Teacher eliminated, increasing class size
● One HS Reading/English Teacher eliminated

This listing was copied from the Budget Documents prepared for the October 10, 2017 School Committee budget workshop

From the March 2018 Franklin Matters archives ->

School Budget hearing Tuesday, March 28 at 7 PM
School Budget hearing Tuesday, March 28 at 7 PM

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