Sunday, March 26, 2023

Franklin TV: Archives?

Moving our analog world over to our digital world 

by Pete Fasciano, Executive Director 03/26/2023

Now, let’s seeee…. Where – uh, did I put that?

Organizing all our personal records? Some of us do okay. Most of us? Not so much. Then there are massive records.  Records that are maintained for years.  Digital records that require Terabytes to Petabytes of redundant ‘can’t fail’ digital storage.

This is the world (and cloud) that we now live in.

Want to know why medical costs keep rising? One cost is – archiving – as part of a deep digital backbone of information that doctors and nurses can access your medical issues and history on demand during your appointment. We all want that. We also have to pay for it. It’s a necessary ‘inbuilt’ cost of a digital archive system. It’s known as digital overhead, and its labor and maintenance cost is steep.
Franklin TV: Archives?
Franklin TV: Archives?

Same holds true for government records. How long to keep? That number keeps increasing as present-day meeting archives slip into historical records.

An old military joke:
“ Sir, can we dump all these old records?”
“ Sure. Just make three copies first.”

At Franklin●TV we have thousands of analog videotape hours of town meetings, going back to when ‘The Town of Franklin’ was in fact a town. We also have even more of the same in DVD form. These older records are at high risk of becoming unretrievable because those old videotapes and DVD’s have a limited shelf life. The equipment to play them back is also obsolete and becoming harder to come by.

Professional archivists estimate that perhaps 95% of all old video records will simply vanish. We at Franklin●TV are researching how we might be the lucky 5%.

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